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 Game Drive        Camping Safari
Explore The Okavango Delta on a 4x4 land cruiser coming across elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalos and many more wild animals including wild doggs. Book with us and grab your chance to see the big five of africa.
Remeber africa is the richest continent in wildlife, so book with us today and have that chance to see our big five.
A very unique way of exploring the Okavango Delta by accommodation with the use of canvas tents in the delta moving from one campsite to the other. The activity is one of its kind as it futures night game viewing and a relaxed yet quet environment in the wild. Maruta Island safaris will provide you with a home in the wild something you will never regret when you book with us.
 Mokoro trips      Wild Walking
Exclusive Mokoro activities
A mokoro is a traditional canoe-like vessel commonly used by the Okavango people living in and around the okavango Delta as a popular mode of transport usually crossing or travelling along rivers and streams. It is now used for game viewing on safari businesses, the mokoro has now become the iconic symbol of the Okavango Delta and is a popular way of our guests to explore the Okavango during their Safari trips in Botswana.
We will offer you this kind of safari whereby our guets naturally experience the beauty of the wild walking in the midst of wild animals with experieced safari guides on a high end security for safety. Walking in the wild is a unique kind of safari that guests will never regret once they book with Maruta Island safaris. It is adopted from the traditional lifestyle of the indiginous African San (Basarwa) tribe who live in the Okavango Region in Botswana.

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